About the Artist

Aleah started to make her creative mark on the world at age 4.


Unfortunately for the walls and tables of her childhood home in Montana, a
sharpie was her choice of media.
When her parents finally coaxed her to start expressing on paper instead of the
mantel, she found a love for painting. She would find her inspiration in moments of peaceful bliss; playing in the creek with her siblings,
laying in the bed of clover behind the house, and making
friends with the bees and caterpillars.
Throughout her teen years, Aleah says she started to develop an extreme fear of being rejected and unwanted. People pleasing and approval seeking ruled over her with such force that she started to question whether she was worth anything. 
She discovered that painting was one of the only ways she could escape others opinions of her and slowly started to understand how she had misplaced her identity for so many years.
Her first step in finding peace and freedom was to begin her journey to become a professional artist, a destiny she had always feared people would judge her for.
Now Aleah strives to inspire other women to break free from opinions and find peace within their own hearts.
She paints calm and melodic scenes, often portraying women resting in freedom and hope.
Aleah explains “It wasn't until I really started painting that I realized what
inspires me. It’s peace. I’ve struggled to find it all my life. And here it was in
front of me”
Now, Aleah starts most mornings with fresh brewed tea and a pallet of oils. She
romanticizes the simple moments in life, she muses over those peaceful moments lying in clover, and she dreams to spread that peace past the walls and windows of her humble apartment.